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A huge  'thank you'

to all my sponsors! As the race is now over, this fundraising page is no longer needed in its original format but remains to explain to new readers how it worked. It involved "Days at Sea" of which there were originally to be at least 152. In reality it took over ten days longer! Days at sea worked like this.........

For each day, there was an opportunity for sponsors to make a donation to be split equally between charity and my berth fee.  For this,  the sponsor named a day at sea during the race.  A postcard  noting the yacht's position in latitude/longitude and reflecting that day's news from the ocean was sent during the following stopover. The postcards took ages to write, you can imagine, especialy after 40 days at sea. They were all sent - I hope they all arrived!

As a result of days at sea, The Save the Children Fund were the recipients of 2,100 - thanks to my sponsors' generosity. The organisation does some remarkable work around the world, some of which I had a chance to see in action in the township of Nyanga in Cape Town. 

By the September 2001 Charity Fundraising ball, following the race, over 
1,000,000 had been raised for Save the Children.

A company registered in London no. 178159 and limited by guarantee. Registered charity no. 213890, VAT registered no. 239 5393 33. Save the Children is a member of the International Save the Children Alliance.

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