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I'd like to hear from you! This page is for anything you would like to say about this website and the mighty challenge ahead ..............

Her Majesty the Queen has not actually visited this website, as far as I know, but during her visit to Brunei in September, 1998, I had a chance to explain something about the race to her. Her proclamation to me was, "You must be mad!"  Truly, no kidding.

Following are some messages received before and during the race.
Thanks to all, your support made all the difference.
Jan Giffen


I hope that your spirits are high, your gear is dry and on the next leg your boat will fly ...
                   Dave Williams, RBYC, Brunei

As race day approaches, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Committee, members, staff, and in particular your sailing colleagues at RBYC, to wish you and the Crew of 'Isle of Man' favourable winds and every success in the BT Global Challenge 2000 -2001. We will follow the progress of the race here with the greatest interest and are proud to be associated with what we expect to be a highly successful venture for you and your Challenge team.
                    Don Erskine, Commodore, Royal Brunei Yacht Club

Wishing you a safe and wonderful sea journey.
                    Tan Boon Tong, SM Berakas, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

I think this is a wonderful website and check it on a regular basis. I will follow your progress with enthusiasm and envy.
                    Taff Thomas, Oman

Good luck from us all here with your adventure. I'll follow your progress. 
                    S J Pilling, Sultanate of Oman

I have just visited your website and I found it awe-inspiring. Good luck in your forthcoming adventure.
                     John Earp, Pencoed, Bridgend, South Wales

Your website is brilliant.
                     Anthony John, Saudi Arabia

Wish you the best winds and a very fast race to you and the crew. I´ll be joining the race virtually, wish I was there with all of you.
                     Jose Venegas, Nicaragua, Central America

I agree with my namesake who said 'You must be mad!' - but doing mad things is a great British tradition.
                     Elizabeth Moorhouse, BSB, Brunei

A great captivating talk this morning, thank you.
                     Deirdre Myhre, BSB, Brunei

I always thought madness ran in the family, now I'm sure of it!
Don't let the wet dampen your spirits. Good luck to you and the crew.
                    The Macketts, Surrey

Watch out for pirates !! Although I dont expect they could catch you.
                    Deri , Wales and Brunei

I like your website very much. Good luck on your voyage.
Rudi Rohrer, Switzerland

I have just spent an hour looking at your site and I must say you have covered just about everything that readers may be curious about. It will be very interesting to follow your progress and read your journal entries. Even reading about your acceptance into the race was exciting!
Paul Leslie, Muara, Brunei

You are mad!!!!!
                     Ken Cook, East Sheen, London SW14

I'll make this brief: great website, great challenge and a good cause.
                     Greg McCarthy, BandarSeri Begawan, Brunei

This is just my first visit to your seachallenge site ....I look forward to many many more!
                     Nikki Hutchinson,  Tutong,  Brunei .

Wishing you all the best, bet your family are proud of you. So brave to do what you do. Good Luck and fair weather.
                     Colleen and Tony Shaw, Australia

I have watched this happen almost from Day One. Nothing is going to stop you now.
Denise Thursby, RBYC and Kati-Kati, NZ

Good luck on your voyage. We've just visited your website and we will follow your journey with interest. 
                    Susan and Elizabeth, Royston, Herts, UK

Keep up the pace! As your cabin-mate during training, I will be watching closely and cheering for you.
                    Walt Darran, Port Washington, NY, USA

How proud I am of my big sister.
                    Peter G Cox,  Jacksdale, Nottinghamshire, UK

Good luck and I'm looking forward to reading the book!
                    Lee Brewin, Hong Kong

Félicitations à la jeune fille qui aime faire du bateau!
Donald Stark, Hamilton, NZ

Rather you than me!
                    Raglan Sanders, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

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