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Since  the Earls Court Boat Show (January, 2000) I have known my fellow sailors, that is, those with whom I will be sailing for the duration of the race. I have already sailed with some of them, but until further training in May, I will have little chance to get to know them better, except by e-mail.

Our Skipper is Lin Parker, age 37 from Teeside. She has sailed over 90,000 miles as a professional skipper and has competed in Round Britain and Ireland races along with the 'Round the Island' race.

Lin Parker Bill Ashton Alan Bell Me! Diana Hunt Philip Johnson
Derek Kalinski Rebecca Legg Nicholas Lipscomb Gavin Mcfadyen Juanita McLaren-Brown Eddie Shallcross
Robert Tobin Juan Walters Ralph Weisener Ashley Carpenter Legger Legger

All of us will be on one yacht, the Isle of Man. Apart from the Skipper, there are 11 males and 4 females in the core crew, and another twelve sailors make up the leggers. Where does everyone come from? Why are they doing the Race? Will we all get on? Watch this space for more information as the plot thickens!


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